Free Thought

I want to be a blogger; however, I don't want to put the time into it, which is why I haven't ever successfully become one. Maybe I will manage this time...

I thought I would call this blog "Free Thought". The name was taken. I googled Free Thought to see if it had any associations, and it turns out it does. Apparently, Free Thought is a brand of thinking that refutes authority and relies on logic and science to draw conclusions. For this reason most people who profess to be Free Thinkers label themselves atheist or agnostic, since no measurable evidence exists to prove conclusively the existence of God. I say most, because there is a brand of Free Thought called Philosophical Theism, proponents of which accept the idea of a personable deity on philosophical grounds, but reject any dogma or religion associated with that being.

Thinking Free Thoughts was too awkward. Thinking's Free works well though. I like the loose tie to Free Thought, since I have some of those inclinations. I definitely do not draw the same conclusions though.

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